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Statements leaked by Elite Secret Service
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Historical Research Project

Postby Press Officer » 17 Jan 2016, 15:37

The recent outbreak of war between the French Coalition and the Alliance has revealed something interesting. Following a recent intense battle an anonymous freelance journalist entered the JITABUS system to document the raging war. Among the countless French Fer-de-Lance wreckages found in the system the journalist came across parts of a report which experts believe to originate from one of the most secluded and influential organizations in the Milky Way – The Elite Secret Service!
Several groups sharing a common interest in technology are speculating that the content of the report is in fact a plausible explanation behind the major powers’ recent actions and plausible prediction of technological advances to come in the near future.
The journalist made an effort to get in contact with the E.S.S. to get a comment on the report. The journalist met with a shady but adamant character in an undisclosed old British pub to receive a reply from the E.S.S.: “We can neither confirm or deny that”.

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